Car Body Repair Costs – What to Expect?

How much repair are you likely to need?

Do not always choose the lowest quote when getting quotes. Find a balance between pricing and good reviews.

The old saying that you get what your pay for is true. Many companies that offer very low quotes will not do a good work and your car’s paint will start to peel after six months.

Professional Collision Repairs that are both efficient and convenient

This is the first thing you think of when your car gets scratched or damaged. What is the estimated cost of fixing this? What time will my vehicle be at the shop? Is my vehicle going to be fixed right?

You can rest easy. We can fix all bumps, scratches and dents. With our team of skilled and experienced technicians, we put our customers first. We offer a hassle-free experience to exceed your expectations.

You think you cannot afford first-class treatment? You might be wrong. Our rates will be lower than the insurance-mandated amounts.

You’re covered if you have insurance. Is this an accident that is not covered by insurance? It’s not a problem!

Our work is more affordable than the competition and will meet or exceed your expectations. We aren’t lying to you. See testimonials from past customers.

Accidents covered by insurance

We can work with any insurance company. We offer rates that are within the insurance company’s maximum repair limits. If it is an insurance-covered repair you will get excellent customer service and top-quality repairs without having to spend extra money.

Our competitors have shared horror stories. Three main concerns are the reason people come to us:

What is the time frame for this work?

Do I want to be happy with the work?

What happens if you accidentally break another thing?

We are here to make your mind at ease.

Our body repair experts are highly trained and skilled. We take pride and guarantee that you will be happy with the results of our work. They will be adored by you.

This isn’t just cosmetic; scratches can lead to rust and rust will destroy your car. Good news! Scratches can be fixed quickly and inexpensively.

Clear-Coat Scratches

Clear-coat scratches are those where the scratch is limited to the clear-coat, and does not take away any paint. These scratches are the easiest to repair and most affordable. The average cost of repairing a panel is between PS35 and PS60, and it takes 30-60 minutes to complete each panel.

Paint scratches and scuffs

These scratches are deeper than the clear coat and can take some paint with it. The entire layer must be repainted, regardless of the size or extent of the scratch.

This typically costs between PS120 to PS180, and takes 2 to 3 hours.

Deep Paint Scratches

It’s not just a scratch once you can see metal and plastic. It’s deep. These are the most costly to repair but they are also the most crucial to repair.

It will rust or corrode quickly if the base is exposed. Repairs typically cost between PS180 to PS240 and take 3 to 5 hours.

Bumpers don’t absorb any damage. There are many safety features and sensors that are built into bumpers today’s cars.

Prices must be determined taking into account everything, from lights to reverse sensors. The complexity of bumpers means that the time it takes to remove them can vary. For bumper removal, the hourly labor rate is approximately PS60 an hour.

If we take the bumper off, it is probably because it needs fixing. Prices vary depending on what repairs are needed. We can handle everything, from cracks to dents.

The bumper will need to be cleaned and painted after repairs are completed. This usually takes between three and four hours with an hourly charge of PS60.

When calculating the total cost, it is important to include the costs of any miscellaneous materials, such as sandpaper and paint.

The replacement cost for a bumper that is beyond repair will be between PS300 to PS700 (part only).

The cost of replacing components behind the bumper may rise if they are damaged. The time required to complete the job is approximately 2 to 3 hours.

The cost of dent repair depends on where it is located and how large it is.

Some areas of the vehicle are more difficult to repair than others. Sometimes, repairing small dents in difficult places can cost more than repairing large dents in easily repaired areas.

Paint less dent removal costs PS90 per dent, and takes approximately 1 hour. It can be more expensive depending on the size of the dent and its position.

You’d need to pay between PS280 and PS450 for dents that are not repairable via paint less dent removal. This takes 3 to 7 hours.

Repair costs for alloy wheels vary depending on many factors.

Paint wheels can have a slight scratch on the edges. This will cost you between PS120 and PS200.

If the wheel has a damaged face, the repair cost will be around PS120.

For an alloy wheel, the average cost of a machined wheel repair is PS160

Fully repaired 4 alloy wheels in diamond-cut cost PS500. This will take 3-4 days.

One alloy wheel powder coated typically costs PS150

Set of 4 powder-coated alloy wheels costs PS400, and takes 2 to 3 working days.


All repairs are different in scope and the pricing for each vehicle will vary.
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