Car Body Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Car body repairs can be costly when minor accidents happen. DIY car repairs can be a great way of saving money and avoiding getting involved with insurance companies.

While many auto body shops will need to handle repairs, there are some DIY techniques that you can use if you have been in an accident or have a minor scratch on your car.

Car Body Repairs You Can Do Yourself
How to remove car dents
There are many schools of thought about how to fix car dents. Each method has many followers and several instructional videos online.

Before you apply a mallet to your BMW’s car, ensure you have read through the various techniques to determine which one is best. If in doubt, consult a professional. If you do not follow these steps correctly, it can worsen your problem.

It’s time to hammer it out. You may be able, depending on the size and location of the car dent you can pound it out using a rubber mallet. For example, car door dents can be removed from the interior and hammered out.

It’s possible to pull it out. A plunger may be able to help you if pounding a car’s dent is not an option. This method’s success depends on the size and location of the dent. However, a household plunger can sometimes suffice. For car dent removal, some companies sell powerful electromagnets. Although electromagnets can sometimes be effective, they are expensive and could prove to be dangerous.

Dry ice, hair dryers, and canned air are all options. Although there are many opinions about this method, some believe that heating and cooling will solve the problem. A hair dryer can heat the dent area until it is hot. Then, dry ice or liquid nitrogen can be applied immediately. According to some reports, the temperature fluctuations will cause the metal’s temperature to change quickly and snap the car panel in place. This type of repair can cause damage to your car’s paint and clear coat, so make sure you thoroughly research it before you attempt it.

How to fix car scratches
One of the most popular car body repairs is to fix scratched paint. There are many methods available, so ensure you choose the one that best suits your scratch. Some of these methods can be dangerous.

Visit an auto body shop if you aren’t sure what to do or don’t know how it works.

Apply wax and rubbing compound. This involves rubbing the area with a mild abrasive compound and then applying wax to the affected area.

Use rubbing compound and touch-up paint.

To fix scratches that are slightly deeper, you can use touch-up paint prior to applying wax and abrasive compounds.


Toothpaste is also said to be effective in repairing scratches on CDs. This toothpaste’s abrasive qualities are similar to the rubbing compounds. This method is not without controversy, but you should be cautious.