How To Fix Deep Scratches On A Car

Even the most cautious drivers can get their cars scratched. It can be frustrating and irritating to see your vehicle with a large, ugly scratch due to someone else’s careless driving.

You don’t need to pay a lot of money to repair a few scratches. This guide will show you how to fix deep scratches in your car.

These techniques are very effective but large or deep scratches may need professional repair. These tips will fix most scratches. We will discuss a few methods to fix deep scratches on your car.

Use a Scratch Repair kit

You might be able use a standard scratch kit to repair scratches on your car if they aren’t too severe. These kits can be bought at most auto supply shops and are very convenient.

You can use scratch repair kits to fix any kind of scratch, from small to very deep. These kits are not ideal for repairing severe scratches. Before purchasing a kit, make sure to assess the extent of the scratch.

Make sure to clean the area around the scratches

Begin by cleaning up the areas around scratches on your car. This step can be done with regular soap and water. You can wash the area around the scratch to remove any remaining debris. This will prevent you from accidentally rubbing it into your paintwork or polish.

Use Scratch Remover

After thoroughly cleaning the area, apply the scratch removal paste from your scratch repair kit to the microfiber cloth or to one of the buffing pads included with the kit. You should not apply the paste directly on your scratches as it can cause damage to your paint.

To remove scratches, use the buffing cloth

Next, use the microfiber cloth or buffing pad to rub the scratch removal paste on and around the scratches.

A scratch removal polish removes a thin layer from your car’s clearcoat (the top coat of car’s primary paint). This will make the scratch surface smoother and more even. Some may smoothen the edges of scratches. However, neither method should cause any damage to your paint.

Be patient and take your time. You may not immediately notice positive changes.

Remove Any Extra Polish

To prevent scratches from affecting the color of your car’s clear coat or paint, buff them out as best you can.

There are other methods of scratch removal

There are many options available to fix deep scratches if you don’t have a scratch repair kit.

You will need to use different materials if you have gouges that are deeper than normal. A glazing putty can be used to fill in any gouges or allow you to paint over the damaged areas. If you can see the metal beneath the scratch, this is the best way to scratch-repair.

Here are the steps.

Use Glazing Putty. Glass putty can be purchased at most auto shops and supply stores. First, clean the scratch thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. This will get rid of any remaining wax or dirt from the scratch. To avoid damaging your paint, use a soft, microfiber cloth.

Then, use your glazing putty to fill in the scratches. Instead of using a scratch-removal paste, apply the putty directly to your car’s surface. For most scratch sizes, a dime-sized amount is sufficient.

Spread the putty into the gouge using a spreader or squeegee. The putty should be able to fill in the space between the gouge and the scratch. Allow the putty time to dry for at least two to three minutes. This will allow it to harden naturally.

Get rid of excess Putty. You must get rid of any putty residue to create a smooth surface. To achieve this smooth surface, you can use liquid paint leveler or another similar fluid. Use the liquid paint to smoothen the scratches. Then, use a microfiber cloth to cover the entire area. If necessary, you can paint over the scratches.

You can paint over scratches. You will need to paint over any scratches that you have on your car. This can be done with simple touch-up paint. These kits are usually top-of-the-line scratch removal tools. Professionals may be able to touch up more visible or severe scratches. It can be difficult to match colors with larger scratches. If you need to have them touched up, it is best to hire professionals.

To touch up paint, use a fine brush. If you decide to apply your touch-up paint by yourself, you will need a fine-bristle brush. You can purchase inexpensive micro brushes at most auto parts shops if one wasn’t included in your kit.

Use your fine-bristle paintbrush to apply the touch up paint gently but carefully over the desired area. Allow it to dry between 8 and 12 hours after you are done. To protect and seal the paint, you can apply wax to it once it is dry.


Although it may take some elbow grease to fix deep scratches on your vehicle, it is possible. This task doesn’t always require the expertise or expense of an auto body shop. Before you buy any supplies, make sure to assess how severe the scratch is. It will save you time, money, effort, and frustration, regardless of which route you choose.