Collision Center Orange County

Collision Center Orange County

The auto body repair industry has changed drastically over the years regarding technology innovations and customer needs. The changes in collision repair have helped shop owners implement accelerated repair services for fast progress. This case means few shops still run without using the latest tech or diverse options to repair vehicles.

Our collision repair shop is happy to ensure we have all the tools and services for damage repair to prevent inconveniences and help make proper choices. Check out the following summary of our auto body repair services and how they can help your mechanical and structural needs.

Types of structural repairs in our collision center in Orange County

Dent repairs

Dents are the most common structural problems and happen to the best of us when we are as careful as necessary. The good news is they are easy to repair and do not cost much. The trick is to get the dent repair service as soon as possible because they can quickly degrade into worse situations, and you would need m fixed for a higher price.

The dent repair service at our body shops in Orange County comes with extra options to fix the paint, rust and remove the moisture underneath to revive the area and make it as good as new. Repairing dents is a great way to sort out a situation and prevent it from getting worse. Some jobs will need a filler to smooth out the minor dents after pulling out the more significant dent. The bottom line is that we do everything to give your car a new and fresh look, all while respecting your preference and budget.

Bumper and fender repair

The car’s front and back suffered the worst collision damage after the accident. A reputable shop helps put orders by fitting in the right bumper and fender for the make and model of the vehicle. Other times, we do not have to replace these parts and only need to smooth out the cracks, scrapes, and other minor issues without compromising the quality of work. Trust our auto repair center to choose the right kind of job, depending on the extent of the damage, the state of the tires, steering, and alignment, while readily applying for a permanent repair job.


Painting is another mandatory piece of work while dealing with collisions. The body paint is the last step of the job and protects the body against weather and cosmetic issues. Most people will be glad to get a new paint job because it adds the sparkle to make the vehicle as good as new.

Our collision center in Orange County includes several analyses and fixes to remove minor dings and ensure the new pain is intact and good as new.

Collision repair

The meat of collision repair is intensive auto body repair to replace body panels, doors, and other attachments. Auto body shops also align the frame to keep the car stable and add more details to enhance the car’s original performance. Feel free to arrange a consultation on Orange County collision and glass repair by calling (Tustin: 714-259-1111/Newport Beach: 949-515-7939/Mission Viejo: 949-218-5050) for more information.

Collision Center Orange County

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