Collision Center Tustin

Collision Center Tustin

What can a body shop do? Let’s start with what they cannot do. The collision center in Tustin is limited to the kind and amount of work they can do on your car. Their main job is to repair the mechanical, electrical, and structural damages from a collision; hence they are not a regular mechanic and will not do most repairs. They will not handle your regular maintenance work; hence they only work on your car for as long as it needs restoration service.

We have a good idea of what you should expect during the bodywork project. Let’s build a clear picture of what happened during the Orange County collision and glass repair visit.

What to expect for collision repair with body shops in Orange County

Create a blueprint of the repair job

The auto body shop’s technician must give a clear picture of the car’s condition to get an estimate and a projection of the full service. We are a reliable auto body shop that uses every examination kit possible to visually inspect the car, disassemble it for deeper investigation and get professional opinions of all involved mechanics to have a comprehensive report. Inspecting the car swiftly brings us to the next stage of the collision repair process.

Get an estimate

The actual estimate should include a quote for all the features, repair services involved, and human labor. You may be better off waiting for us to assess all the internal and external damage because the visual inspection is never enough for a whole idea of the entire project. The computerized diagnosis is always the better option when extracting the report because we can measure and scan the deepest layers of the vehicle for a thorough estimate. A quick is to never go with the cheapest option no matter how comfortable it makes you feel.

The insurance company’s estimation process plays a significant role in determining the final value because they also look at depreciated value and your financial profile in their system. The good news is you are always better off repairing the car, so do not consider writing it off because you will lose more money than the value you get from the insurance.

Repairing the inner details

Collision accidents warp the vehicle’s frame, so you would need laser diagnosis to determine the actual state and how you can restore it to total health. Our auto repair center guarantees that we look at the entire structural integrity and better fit by handling the chassis, alignment, and all other mechanical issues.


The vehicle repair’s final stage is reassembly and finishing, where our collision repair shop fit together different frames, sand the surfaces, prime them, and eventually paint and complete everything with a glossy finish.

The most important aspect is to ensure everything goes where it should, including the wiring, airbags, hoses, and electrical settings. All the components will then have further checking and detailing to achieve outstanding excellence at the final stage.

Collision repair is a highly complex process, so it is only common sense to choose a team with a history of signature projects. Get in touch with us today by calling 714-259-1111 to speak with a representative about your specific repair job.


Collision Center Tustin

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