Collision Repair Irvine

Collision Repair Irvine

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may wonder how collision repair in Irvine works. Today, cars are more complex than ever, which trickles down to the repair process and its intricacies. It used to be that auto body shops primarily straightened metal and then fixed paint jobs. Today, they work with innovative technology and high-tech materials that translate into specialized repairs.

How Does Collision Repair in Irvine Work?

When you bring your vehicle into a collision repair shop, the process begins with an estimate. With today’s technology, this is usually done with the help of a collision repair computer program that provides details on the parts needed, various procedures for the job, and the cost involved for parts and labor.

Some of the programs used today may also help cross-reference dealer inventory so that the repair center can place orders directly for all the parts needed for the job. The team at the auto repair center will have to determine the extent of the damage during the estimate process as well because some of the damage might be hidden.

Insurance and Body Shops in Orange County

The customer and the auto insurance company decide if it is viable from a financial standpoint to repair the vehicle. If yes, then work must get authorized. It is also determined whether to use brand new parts direct from the automaker or if aftermarket parts are acceptable. There may be instances where used parts are an option, but several factors include pricing, customer satisfaction, and quality.

What if the Damage is Severe?

When you bring your vehicle to an Orange County collision and glass repair facility and the damage is severe, repairs may start with the basic structure. Many SUVs and cars today are unibody, a blend of the chassis and body. Heavy-duty vehicles like trucks will usually have a separate frame and body. Everything has to get brought back in line with the original measurements and specs from the manufacturer. Some cases call for the vehicle to get secured to a bench or platform with chains or clamps to help pull it straight.

In some instances, sections have to get cut away and replaced. This is especially true if the metal has been cracked or kinked. In this case, the body shop will need to know exactly how the construction of the vehicle was done so that all crumple zones are fully maintained.

With any collision repair job, the exterior gets plenty of attention so that body panels look just right and there is no sign remaining of the accident. The exterior is fully finished with primer, the vehicle gets paint, and everything is reassembled and cleaned for the customer to pick up.

Do you need help with collision repair in Irvine? If so, we are here to help at Sterling Collision Center. Give us a call, and we will be happy to set up a time for a consultation or collision repair services. You can reach us by dialing: Tustin: (714) 259-1111, Newport Beach: (949) 515-7939, Mission Viejo: (949) 218-5050.

Collision Repair Irvine

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