Sterling Collision Center Provides Holiday Meal to Tustin PD

Tustin Police Department

We know that being away from your family during the holidays for work can be frustrating, especially when there are certain loved ones you’re only able to see during this time.

And we know how much the police department here in our hometown of Tustin, California do to keep our community safe.

That’s why the team here at Sterling Collision Center decided to deliver a huge holiday meal to the Tustin police department on Christmas!

We wanted to feed the officers the big family meal they’re missing out on with their loved ones, so they can celebrate as a family with their brothers & sisters in blue.

Tustin PD

We served them a variety of food, so everybody can get a taste of what they personally enjoy. Among the items that the officers got to eat were:

  • A choice of meats to give them their protein
  • A choice of hot starches to give them the comfort of home
  • Mixed vegetables to ensure they got all of their nutrients
  • A bakery good for the bread lovers on the force

We are so grateful to the officers in the Tustin police department for helping keep us and our community safe each & every day without taking a holiday off.

We hope that this meal gave the Tustin police officers the camaraderie and fuel to make it through their shift on Christmas!