What Does It Cost to Repair Car Body Damage?

Repairs to your auto body can be as simple as repairing small scratches or dents, up to replacing entire parts. The cost of collision repair can vary greatly. You might be charged $50 to $2,500, depending on how damaged your vehicle is and the person you hire.

There are many ways that car damage can occur. Here are some examples of common repairs that auto shops often see.

These include:

Damage to the front- or rear bumper
Door damage
Windshield damage
Paint damage

This type of damage can be caused by minor accidents, such as parking lot scrapes and hit-and-runs. The average collision repair cost is higher for more serious accidents.

Tip: Some repairs might be covered by insurance depending on the extent of damage to your vehicle and the insurance coverage you have. While your insurance may cover the cost to replace a windshield or fix body damage, you might need to pay a higher premium and a deductible. To ensure you have the correct coverage, it is worth reviewing your car insurance each year.

Cost estimates for collision repair

Cost of car bumper replacement or repair: $300-$1,500

A bumper repair or replacement cost can run from just a few hundred dollars up to about $1,500 for labor and parts. This is a large range that covers everything, from minor scratches and dents to total replacements. You can ask for a cost estimate on car scratch repairs and then decide if you’re willing to do the work yourself using a touch up paint pen (about $10-30).

Because they cover more than the bumper itself, replacement costs can be quite high. Modern bumpers often have cameras and sensors embedded in them. These bumpers don’t necessarily need to be replaced but they will have to be disassembled and reassembled. This adds to labor cost. Once everything is in place, your bumper must be painted to match the rest.

Repair or replacement of car doors: $50-$1,000+

Dent repair costs are usually very affordable and can be done quickly if the dent is small. Paintless car dent repair costs start at $50 and can go up depending on the size of the dent. The cost of repainting a car if there are scratches will increase.

If the damage is more severe than minor dents or scratches, you will be charged a lot more. Complex wiring and gadgetry for locks and windows can make car doors difficult to repair. You could end up spending around $800 to replace the whole door.

Cost of replacing a car windshield: $250 to $1,000

While you may be able repair minor cracks or chips on your windshield for $60, larger cracks will require a complete replacement. This is one repair that you shouldn’t delay as impaired vision could increase your risk of being in an accident.

If your car is able to fit a basic aftermarket windshield, replacing a windshield on the front can cost you around $250. Some vehicles may require different sizes or types, and the technology extends to the windshield. Windshields that have embedded sensors such as rain, condensation, and collision sensors are more expensive to replace.

Repair of car paint damage: $500 to $2,500+

A car’s cost of painting will often be included in the total cost of any other repairs. An entire car can be painted for $500. You can opt for one coat and quick service if you only need it. If you use specialty or high-quality paints, a more detailed job can cost around $2,500.

You will typically only need to paint the damaged areas of your car if it is damaged. This means that your paint costs will be generally lower.

Five factors that impact the cost of repairing car body damage

It can be frustrating to receive wide-ranging estimates of collision repair costs. But the truth is that prices vary depending on many factors.

Make and model: It is generally more expensive to repair luxury vehicles than older, more common cars.

Type of damage: More expensive to repair than minor scratches or dents.

Additional features: The higher the car’s bells, whistles, and sensors, the more expensive it will be to repair.

Your location can have an impact on how much you pay. This includes local labor costs, availability of parts and competition among auto body shops.

The repair shop: There are three options for you to choose from when it comes to taking your vehicle to the repair shop. The most expensive will be found at dealerships.

Your insurance company might recommend body shops or have a network that you can select from to speed up the claims process. While you don’t have to choose a shop recommended by the company, it may be worth your while to get discounts or a warranty for the repairs. If the repair costs are higher than at an in-network store, you might have to pay the difference.

How to determine if your car is worth fixing

Once you know the estimated costs of repairs, you can decide if the cost is worth it. It is no longer financially prudent to continue repairing an older vehicle.

Here are some reasons you might want to fix your old car.

Repairs are usually less expensive than purchasing a new vehicle.
It can be more costly to repair, insure, and register a new car.
The value of a new car can drop up to 20% within the first year and up to 50% in three years. This depreciation could already have occurred.
Sometimes it is a good idea to buy a new car.
You can’t afford to pay for repairs if they are becoming more frequent.
You may find yourself in dangerous situations if your car stops working.
If repairs cost more than half of the car’s value.