How Much Does it Cost to Repair or Replace a Bumper?

All About Bumpers

The most useful parts of a vehicle are its front and rear bumpers. Bumpers are made to absorb impact and protect other parts of the vehicle from major collisions.

This responsibility comes with great responsibility. Bumpers are the most damaged part of a vehicle, especially in collisions. There are other components behind bumpers that can be damaged.

License plate lights, fog lights, headlights, turn signals, and license plate lights.

Warning Signals and Sensors:
Car cameras and parking sensors, airbag sensors and backup sensors, vehicle-lane changing sensors, collision warning and weather sensors.

Trim and Molding:
Attachments to the front or rear bumper.

It’s just like getting a medical exam after a car accident, having your car checked out is always a good idea. Even if there are only a few scratches and dents on your bumper, it’s possible that more serious damage is hidden until a technician examines it. There may be structural damage to the frame, wheels, grille and frame in serious accidents.

Bumper Repair vs. Bumper Replacement
There are many options available to you if your bumper is damaged. While minor issues can often be fixed, more severe damage may require a new bumper. It will depend on the extent of damage to decide whether you want bumper replacement or repair.

Most chips, scratches, and dents can be repaired with the help of specialized tools in an auto body shop. To ensure that the bumper matches the rest of your vehicle, the shop can also paint or blend damaged areas.

If the bumper is leaking or has severe cracks, a bumper replacement is recommended. New technologies make it possible to repair bumpers more easily. Schedule an appointment to have your bumper and any other damage evaluated.

What is the cost to repair or replace a bumper?

The cost of bumper repair and replacement will depend on the location, extent of damage, vehicle type, and other factors.

According to Insurify a rear bumper dent repair can cost anywhere from $150 to $600.

Paint less Dent Repair
Paint less dent removal (PDR), is a technique that uses specialized tools to remove dents from the surface of paint. Although this option is more affordable and faster than traditional dent repairs, it’s not the best for damage to the paint or surface. Plastic bumpers that require more extensive buffing are not eligible for this option.

Cracks, Holes, and Punctures
Repairs include filling cracks and sanding the area. Then, you will use adhesives to repair holes. Cash Cars Buyer estimates that the average cost of repairs is between $325- $425.

While light scratches are usually quick fixes, deep scratches can result in paint chips that expose the bumper’s metal or other materials. Cash Cars Buyer lists scratch repairs ranging from $50 to $600.

Bumper Replacement Costs
Costs to replace a bumper in a passenger car will vary depending on:

The year, make, and model of the vehicle

If it’s an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), or an aftermarket bumper

Cost Helper estimates that a bumper replacement for a passenger vehicle can cost between $100 and $1,000. The cost of painting and installing the bumper can run between $200-$600. Prices for bumpers for luxury vehicles, pickup trucks and SUVs will be higher.

Labor costs
The hourly labor rate at auto body shops and dealerships varies across the country. You may find different rates in the same area.

AAA reports that the hourly rate for auto body repair in their Approved Auto Repair Network is between $48 to $215. To establish labor rates, repair shops consider several factors:

Technicians’ certifications and skill levels

Service charges for luxury vehicles are higher because of the make and model of vehicles being serviced.

Type of repair shop (independent or dealership)

Overhead for business and facility

Comparing Insurance to Paying Out of Your Pocket

Do you choose to use insurance or pay out-of-pocket for your bumper replacement or repair? This question can be answered by determining:

What is your Deductible?
Your insurance deductible may not cover minor damage to your bumper. You may decide to pay out-of-pocket to repair the damage. This will help you avoid an insurance claim that could raise your rates.

Are You at Fault?
Most collisions with other vehicles result in high repair and replacement costs. To determine your options, check your insurance coverage if you are at fault. Collision coverage covers damage to your vehicle as well as the vehicle of any other party. You are responsible for any repairs if you do not have collision coverage.

You can contact the insurance company of the other driver to get the bumper repaired or replaced if you are not responsible. An auto body shop can coordinate repairs with all parties involved to make sure your damage is dealt with as quickly and painlessly as possible.

The Bumper Replacement & Repair Process

To determine if repair or replacement would be the best option for your vehicle, our technicians will provide an estimate.

( The bumper must be removed from your vehicle before it can be repaired )

A technician will use specialized tools to repair any cracks, scratches, cracks, or holes in the bumper. To make the bumper look like new, it is painted in a exact match color.

If the bumper needs to be replaced, attach it (after ensuring that the paint matches exactly) and connect it with all the components.

Your vehicle is now ready for you to take home after a thorough inspection.

How to save money on bumper repairs & replacement
For your bumper replacement or repairs, it is important that you choose an auto body shop you can trust. Your insurance may not require you to go to a repair shop. You have the right to choose where your car is repaired.

A few repair shops can provide estimates. While it may seem tempting to go with the cheapest option, remember that not all services are equal.

An aftermarket part may be a better option than an OEM part if you are looking for a replacement bumper. Although they are more affordable, they can also be less quality.

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